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Save the Date!

May 22nd through 25th of 2015

The 15th Southwest Florida Soapfest has come and gone. We made some changes, added an extra day and it all paid off...what a great event.

Each year we thank over 100 individuals and organizations who donate to this wonderful cause – whether it be their talent, time, money, food, gift certificates, housing, vehicles, etc.  All of us at Soapfest feel very privileged to be a part of a community that pulls together as the Soapfest cogs move to make this wheel turn. We want you to know that your contribution really has made a significant difference and has been wholeheartedly appreciated.

We had a group of 9 wonderful actors who donated their time and supported us with bundles of enthusiasm and energy. They flew in from New York and LA and added so much to this weekend. We had 50 volunteers who came from England to Illinois to Idaho and Marco Island.  We had donations from so many wonderful restaurants on the Island. We had local businesses and individuals donate gift certificates and various other auction items. We had posters in practically every shop onMarco Island to Press coverage in local and  national magazines. It has not been easy but the outcome has been well worth the hard work – a fun event with lots of fine memories culminating in local children benefiting.  Whether you’re a Soap fan or not you have supported a very, very worthwhile cause – on behalf of the children – we Thank You.

The events kicked off on Saturday morning where each actor was paired with a local special needs child.  Each of them painted a canvas or two that were later auctioned off to fans at our Night of Stars event at the Bistro Soleil. Sunday saw us board the Marco Island Princess for a lovely cruise around the Island and more auctions. Later that night there was dancing, cocktails and karaoke at the Bartender Bash at Porky's.  The weekend ended with a very special sponsor Brunch at one of Marco's amazing private homes. What a perfect ending to a fun filled weekend.